Words of the week: one to ten

Egy - EDG-gy (one); kettő - KETT-er (two); három - HA-rom (three); négy - NED-gy (four); öt – URT (five); hat – HOT (six); hét – HAYT (seven); nyolc – NYOLTS (eight); kilenc – KEE-lents (nine); tíz – TEEZ (ten)

I have no ear whatsoever for languages. Really it's a miracle I can speak at all. And so it was with gritty determination that I mastered the numbers one to ten, largely in order to show my grandparents what a good child I was but also because it broadened my comic repertoire enormously.  How we laughed, over the vast banquets which passed for 'LIT-le lunch now, you are thin, eat, darlink.  Although, vot-a-pity you vair such a TROO-sair.  TAIR-ible.  And VY do you not vont a haircut?).  At least, I think they were laughing.  And now I pass that cornucopia of knowledge to you, my darlinks.  Think of the fun you will be able to have once you have added these words to your burgeoning vocuabulary:

nyolc kavitchka (eight little coffees)

hat pongyola (six dressing gowns)

öt palascinta (five pancakes)

You may notice that the nouns I have used have appeared, or will appear, in other Words of the Week.  I could pretend that this is to cement them in your mind, but of course the truth is that I don't know any others.  Indeed, I have no idea if the above is even remotely accurate, but it makes elderly Hungarians laugh, and isn't that the main thing?