Daughters of Jerusalem

Daughters of Jerusalem  by Charlotte Mendelson

Daughters of Jerusalem by Charlotte Mendelson

Daughters of Jerusalem, Charlotte’s second novel, is set in North Oxford, where she grew up. Here, in the Lux family, trouble stirs. Eve, the elder daughter, is seething with loathing for her charismatic sister Phoebe; meanwhile, their mother's best friend, Helena, is about to make a startling confession. This is Oxford, where cleverness is all, and secret love, and secret hatred, must be repressed. But repression never works for long.

She is sick of this – of Oxford’s sooty castles…She is sick of navy-blue corduroy, Gothic arches, famous fig trees, shabby dons’ wives, cellars, rivers, genius children, stuttering and gold leaf. It is your fault, she thinks, approaching her husband’s college, as she glimpses her neighbour, an entirely silent botanist, attempting to untangle his own beard from a hawthorn tree. None of you are normal. Is normal. And I am.

Praise for Daughters of Jerusalem

A superb, hilarious farce of dysfunctional academic family life. Funny, exciting, lyrical, poignant, redemptive - it was a privilege to review this book
— Guardian
Brilliant…exhilarating…Exciting and memorably written, this is one of those rare reads that has you galloping to the end, but feeling bereft at having to say goodbye so soon
— Independent
Brilliant and witty…Mendelson’s second bewitchingly erotic and darkly dramatic novel confirms her as a stylish, perceptive chronicler of the heart’s hidden desires
— Daily Mail